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Should I Have a Sitemap For My Website?

Although a website doesn’t need a sitemap to function or be indexed by Google, anyone wanting to improve their website’s position in search engine result pages should definitely make sure they have one. Not sure if your website has a

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Building a website using Elementor

Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress page builder and helps you to create beautiful websites in minutes. Originally launched in 2016, the plugin has been gaining in popularity and reviews from users have been positive overall. What exactly is Elementor?

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Write Awesome Blog Titles

How To Write Awesome Blog Post Titles

When putting together the content that you want on your website it’s important that you always try and think like your website visitors. Ask yourself questions like: What would they want to see? What would attract them to read this

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How To Post To Instagram From Your Computer

Products, services, “on the job” photos, useful information, team photos and even selfies are all great photos to add to your Instagram account to start building relationships and connections with your followers. These type of images are easy to add

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How Good SEO Could Be Losing You Customers

SEO is great right? Higher Google rankings, more visibility to potential customers, more visitors coming to your website. These are some of the benefits you can get through implementing a good SEO strategy. So is there any actual downside of

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What Is A 404 Error Page?

A 404 error page is effectively a page that display an error when you try and visit it because does not exist or can’t be found. These errors usually occur when you mistype a url or change the url of

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