How To Write Awesome Blog Post Titles

Write Awesome Blog Titles

When putting together the content that you want on your website it’s important that you always try and think like your website visitors. Ask yourself questions like: What would they want to see? What would attract them to read this blog post? How can I make this content relevant to their goals? With a blog […]

What’s An “Alt” Tag And Why It’s Important

If you have created your own website, or at least dabbled in adding or editing the content, chances are you have come across an alt tag at some point. An alt tag is a meta tag that is related to all images on your website (except css background images). It is used to describe the […]

What’s The Difference Between A Web Page And A Blog Post?

Two Faces

A common problem for many small business owners when creating or editing their website is knowing where to put the content, and often they end up putting what should probably be in the blog as a main page and vice versa.  Knowing where to put new content can be tricky, but if you follow this simple […]