How To Add Google reCAPTCHA To Your WordPress Login Page

We have already gone through a few ways of making your WordPress website more secure including how to change the default login url, but if you want to make your WordPress login even more secure, and specifically try and avoid bots from attempting to login to your site, then you can do this by adding […]

How to change the default WordPress login URL

WordPress is great, we love it, but one problem that we have when it comes to website security is everyone knows the login page to your website. By default you can login to any WordPress website simply by adding /wp-login.php to the end of the domain name. This means anyone wanting to try and hack […]

10 Ways To Make Your WordPress Website More Secure

In the modern age website security is something that any site owner needs to take seriously.  Here are ten awesome tips to help keep your WordPress website secure: Don’t use the default admin username. Change it to something more unique that isn’t too obvious. Make sure you have a strong password.  Wordpress will tell you […]

What Is A Brute Force Attack?

Man Attacking A Pinata

If you have had looked into website security or had a website for a while you may have heard, or even been the victim of a brute force attack.  Simply put, a brute force attack is when either a human, or more commonly a bot attempts to gain access to the WordPress admin area by […]