Why Colours On Your Website Are Important

Different colours stimulate different feelings and emotions to your visitor. You could have the exact same website with two completely different colour schemes and you would get very different results.

Generally speaking you should always try and stick with a predominantly white background. You can use other background colours too, but these should be used to break up the information or highlight key bits of content (for example a call to action or client reference).

Below is some information about how you can use colours to connect with your website visitors. Although nearly every colour can have a benefit in some shape or form, you don’t want your website looking like a rainbow. Focusing on two or three different colours keeps your message consistent and helps ensure you invoke the feelings you want to your visitor.


Red is associated with high energy, movement, passion and also creates a sense of urgency. Used for key areas such as buttons and call to actions it can be very effective, but used too much and that urgency can turn to panic and become overwhelming for the visitor


Blue provides a sense of security, trust and intelligence as well as a sense of peace and tranquility. As such blue can be a good choice of colour for branding your personal training business.


Green is associated with health, tranquility and nature so often used by health professionals to help represents their values and beliefs.


Yellow is a bright, cheerful colour representing energy. The difficulty with it is that white text can often be difficult to read on a yellow background, and using black text takes away the a lot of the positive feelings associated with the colour.


Often used to promote confidence, success and enthusiasm, orange is a great colour to use for key buttons and call to actions.


Royalty, ambition, spirituality and luxury are just some of the feelings associated with purple. It’s not a colour you would use, unless what you are offering represents a luxury or a speciality service where it can help portray the feeling of a mysterious imaginative brand.


Pink is often associated with women. If that is the niche market your are targeting then this can be a great colour to use, if not then you will be segregating a complete gender by using it.


White is a pure, fresh and clean colour and should be the main background colour of your website and used for text colour on colour backgrounds.