Mobile Responsive Design

All websites that we design are fully responsive to mobile, meaning that the design adapts to the screen size it is being viewed on for optimum usability as well as helping with SEO!

SEO Ready

We design all our websites with the best SEO practices and integrate the entire site with Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your website even more, helping boost your search ranking.

Content Management System (CMS)

We use WordPress content management system to allow you to easily edit and add content to your website whenever you want.

Integrated Videos

Easily integrate videos into your website allowing your visitors to watch your videos without leaving your website.


A lightbox allows visitors to click on any image in your website to view an expanded version of higher quality, making it perfect for those businesses where illustrating their service or products visually is essential.

Integrated Forms

Making it easy for visitors to your website to contact you is essential, and by far the easiest way to do this is through a form on your website. We create one or multiple forms enabling you to collect all the essential information you need from your prospective clients.


Social media is such a huge part of modern lifestyle which is why an important part of any website is giving the visitor the ability to share that information easily on different social platforms.

Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are a great way to illustrate the difference between the services you offer in an easy to understand way.


Adding regular content to your website not only keeps your customers and potential customers up to date on the latest news about your business, but it is also a great way to improve your SEO as Google loves websites that are updated on a regular basis.

Social Media

Easily link to your different social media accounts to help encourage your website visitors to like, follow or subscribe to your different social media accounts.

Google Maps

If you are a local business that requires your customers to visit you in person that having a map integrated into your website from Google allows your visitors to easily see exactly where you are.


Where images are important to highlight your services or products then a gallery combined with a lightbox functionality is a great way to show them to your website visitors in an easy to view format.


Accordion functionality allows you to include large quantities of text on a web page without compromising the design. This is a great way to have content easily available to your visitors without overwhelming them with too much text.

Price List

If you have a restaurant, cafe, salon or any other business where your potential customer would want to see your prices then displaying them in a price list format makes it easy for your visitors to see exactly what you have to offer.


Reviews and testimonials from your existing customers are great trust signals for your potential customers and can make the difference between making a sale or not.


Similar to accordion, toggles allow the visitor to expand a specific section of the website to view the content. This is particularly useful when there is a large amount of content, and you want your visitor to easily access the particular information they want, for example FAQ.


Counters not only look cool, but are a great way to illustrate important statistics about your business, service or product.

Icon Box

Icon boxes work in the same way as image boxes, and are used to highlight key information about your services or products. The only difference is instead of an image, an icon is used to represent that key information.

Image Box

Giving your visitors key access to the most important information is vital if you want to keep them on your website. Image boxes are designed to do just that with a short amount of text and an image representing that key information.