How To Post To Instagram From Your Computer

Products, services, “on the job” photos, useful information, team photos and even selfies are all great photos to add to your Instagram account to start building relationships and connections with your followers. These type of images are easy to add to your account, simply take a photo from your phone and upload it, but what happens when you want to add a different kind of image, the kind of image that requires a bit of editing on your computer? You would have to create it, then send it over to your phone in order to add it to your account as currently on desktop, Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload photos directly from your Mac or PC. If this is a problem which frustrates you, then here is a solution.

Let’s Use Chrome

Other browsers have similar capabilities, but for the purpose of this example we are going to take you through how to do it on Google Chrome.

Step 1

Login to your Instagram account

Step 2

Right click anywhere on the screen and select “Inspect”

Step 3

An inspector panel will now appear within your browser. A small mobile icon should appear in the top left of the inspector panel. Once you find it click on it.

Step 4

An option will now appear at the top of the browser to change the size of the browser to fit that of common mobile phones and tablets. Select a mobile like iphone 8 and then refresh the page.


Once refreshed the page will now load as if it is being viewed on an iphone 8 and you will have the usual buttons at the bottom of the screen to upload your photos. You can now use Instagram on your Mac or PC exactly how you would on your mobile phone.