How To Write Awesome Blog Post Titles

When putting together the content that you want on your website it’s important that you always try and think like your website visitors. Ask yourself questions like: What would they want to see? What would attract them to read this blog post? How can I make this content relevant to their goals?

With a blog post title you need to have the same mindset. The title should do two main things – tell the visitor what the post is about, and make them want to read it!

Post titles that intrigue people and give a sense of something special will make them want to read it whereas a boring title won’t even enter their radar.

Five Awesome Examples

Let’s take an example of a blog post about what to eat before a workout so you can see how changing the title can affect the readers mindset. A basic title for this blog post would be something like “What To Eat Before A Workout”. This title does the job of telling the reader what the post is about, but doesn’t really give a good reason to actually read it. If you want to make them read it you need to add some intrigue, desire or make it specifically related to their goals. Let’s look at 5 examples and why they work:

Blog Post Titles

1. The Best Food To Eat Before A Workout For Maximum Results

This gives a simple yet effective improvement and utilises the use of “best” and “maximum” to give a sense of certainty about the information in the post while at the same time relating it to the readers goal of getting the best results possible. By relating the content to the readers goal it makes the likelihood of that person reading the post much higher.

2. 3 Foods To Eat Before Your Workout To Increase Performance

Using numbers is a great way to build intrigue, and gives the impression that the content is specific and not just a general overview. People also relate well to lists, and by including numbers in your title it gives it a feel  that the content will be easy to digest, increasing the chances of them reading on.

3. How To Boost Your Results By Eating These Pre-workout Foods

“How To” titles have been standard on blogs for a long time because they work. By using the term “How To” it creates a relationship between the content and the implementation of that content into your visitor’s life or workout routine making them more likely to want to read it.

4. Why You Should Be Eating This Before Every Workout

This type of title really intrigues the visitor as it focuses on the reasons why you should do something, rather than what you should do. It creates a sense of mystery which entices people to read on.

5. Are You Eating The Right Food Before Your Workout?

Questions are another great tool to implement into your blog post titles as by its nature if you read a question you want to know the answer.