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Check out our work for B2 First Exam Preparation

For the B2 First Exam Preparation website, we focused on creating an optimal user experience by utilising custom fields and post types to meticulously organise content. This setup allows users to easily navigate through various exam preparation materials, practice tests, and study tips, all categorised for straightforward access.

The website features a strong branding strategy, with a consistent colour scheme and logo that reinforce the site’s professional look and feel.

This branding is evident throughout the site, creating a cohesive and engaging environment that helps users feel more connected and confident in the study resources provided.

We’ve designed the site to be exceptionally user-friendly, with clear labels and an intuitive layout that guides users to the information they need without confusion.

Additionally, the website includes a regularly updated blog, which serves as a resource for exam tips, updates, and educational content that is valuable for students preparing for the B2 First Exam. This blog not only helps in keeping the content fresh and relevant but also aids in building a community of learners.

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