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Check out our work for CrossFit Verulamium

For the CrossFit Verulamium website, we crafted a design that embodies the high energy and community spirit of CrossFit. The site features a dynamic layout with vibrant visuals and bold text that convey the intensity and enthusiasm typical of a CrossFit gym.

The website is straightforward and easy to navigate, ensuring that visitors can find information quickly and without hassle. Key sections like schedules, classes, and pricing information are accessible directly from the homepage, with clear and direct paths that guide users through their site journey.

We prominently displayed pricing options and the benefits of each membership plan to provide potential members with transparent and easy-to-understand choices.

A major focus was placed on encouraging new visitors to sign up for a free trial session, highlighted as a primary call to action throughout the site. This strategy effectively converts first-time visitors into potential members by offering them a risk-free way to experience the CrossFit community and training style.

Additionally, we worked on SEO to ensure that CrossFit Verulamium ranks number one locally for CrossFit-related searches. This not only increases visibility but also attracts more traffic to the site from individuals looking for a CrossFit gym in the area.

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