A Professional Mock-Up of Your Website for Free

The guys at PlaceIt have come up with a great tool to enable you to create a mock-up of your website or any website in a matter of seconds.  It is easy to use and allows you to either grab the screenshot straight from the url or upload an image you have saved locally.  They have over a thousand different templates you can choose from with different backgrounds, sizes and devices to suit your requirements.

The process is really easily too.  Once you’re at https://placeit.net sign up for a free account and then select an template from their extensive library.

Once you have selected a template you will be given the option to upload a file or better yet just enter the url of the website you want on the mock-up.

Once it is upload you can download the image and use as you want.  There are a few options when you download the image, you can download it for free, although the image will be small. This is probably fine for you if you just want to put it on tweet it or add to your facebook business page, but it will not be suitable for print. The free license also requires you credit to PlaceIt where ever you use the image.  If you do want to use it for print for a leaflet or brochure for example, then you can choose to pay a small amount for a one off purchase or get a subscription.  Either way this great tool is going to save a tone of time compared to if you tried to do it yourself on photoshop and it will also give you a great result at the end of it.

Here’s an example of what we did on PlaceIt with one of our websites:

Bespoke Design Work

Want to create your own free mock-up? Visit PlaceIt