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Our web design for personal trainers service provides personal trainers with a website specifically and designed and tailored to their industry with both one payment and pay monthly options available

About Web Design For Personal Trainers

After analysing the specific their needs we can now offer web design for personal trainers where we have designed, developed and built a website that will provide you with the quality and functionality you need to attract more clients and grow your personal training business business.

We’ve seen personal trainers who have given away thousands of pounds to web design agencies to develop a website from scratch, and many times the investment gives them nothing in return in terms of results. By streamlining the design and development process we have been able to provide web design for personal trainers for a fraction of what it would cost from your average web design agency.

Much of the heavy lifting of developing a website has already been done, which means cost savings for you, but we also customise each website so that it meets the specific needs of each personal trainer and matches with their branding and style. Check out the video below which will take you through our website for personal trainers and how you can utilise it to grow your business.


Packed with everything you need as a personal trainer to promote your business.


Customised style, layout and colours to fit your content and branding 


The most commonly used web pages for personal trainers and fitness professionals

Make It Yours
We take your branding requirements and your content and make the website unique to your personal training business
Web Design For Personal Trainers
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The Three Day Setup

Day 1
Tell us what you want (pages, sections etc...) and send us your content
Day 2
We will customise your website to suit your brand and style and integrate all your content
Day 3
Once you have seen your website let us know if you need any changes and we will get it done and your website is ready!

Personal Trainer Web Pages

When you purchase our web design for personal trainers package included is the design and content implementation of up to 10 pages. Take a look through the different type of pages you can have with our personal trainer website below.

Personal Trainer Home Page

The home page is designed to immediately showcase the quality of your service and make a visual connection with the visitor. Upon landing on the home page the visitor is great with a full screen feature header where you can include the most key information about who you are wand what you do (they need to know straight away that they are in the right place!). The feature header has a full width background image slider which should visually represent the service that you are offering. This can also easily be change to a single image or video background.

Moving down the page is a short introduction about you linking to the about page. This should be one or two paragraphs detailing some additional information about you and showing a glimpse into your personality (likes, dislikes, background etc…) with the purpose of building a connection with the visitor.

After a connection has been built the visitor will scroll down to a section designed to visually illustrate your services with an image grid and header text linking through to each of your individual service pages where they can get more specific information about the service they are interested in without having to go through the main menu.

Building trust signals is extremely important for personal trainers which is why including a few of your best client testimonials on the home page is essential. Below the services section is a testimonial slider where it will automatically scroll through a selection of your best client testimonials. They should be short and give a clear message of the clients experience working with you.

Videos are great for building a more personal connection with your website visitors which is especially important for personal trainers. A full width video placeholder in the next section ensures visitors don’t miss what should be one of the key selling tools for your services.

By now the visitor will normally have a good idea of what you do, and will probably already have made up their mind if they want to contact you or not. For those that are still on the fence the next section gives you an opportunity to give them some additional information of the benefits and details of the services you have on offer. You can also highlight key or fun facts about yourself with a cool animated number counter. This section is also important to allow you to add more content and keywords to help with SEO of your website.

The final section allows the visitor to easily contact you to request a free consultation (or whatever your offer may be) without leaving the home page. Ease if use is extremely important with any website and making it clear what step the visitor should take next is key to gaining more conversations.

Personal Trainer About Page

The about page is a much more important page for personal trainers than other small businesses. When people decide to use the services of a personal trainer they are looking for someone they can connect with and that they are willing to expose themselves to which can sometimes be very deep vulnerabilities. The about page acts as a page where the potential client can get to know you more both on a personal and professional level.

Overall the about page is designed for personal trainers to informally tell the visitor about themselves and their own journey to build a connection and then build further trust by detailing qualifications and experience.

Personal Trainer Service Pages

Aside from the home page page, the service pages are the most crucial pages when it comes to converting potential clients into paying clients. More often than not visitors will arrive at one of your service pages from the home page. This means that 90% of the time they are already interested in your services.The service pages are design to build that interest and convince them to take the next step of getting in contact with you.

The first section of the page is designed to illustrate the benefits of the service. This should not be related to what the client has to do or what happens in the training sessions, but should only focus on the outcome. For example you should talk about weigh loss (outcome) and not high intensity interval training (method). 

Moving down the page there is opportunity to add another video, this time it should be specific to the particular service the page is about. This is followed by some more content about the service and how it works. Here you can go into a bit more details about the structure of the sessions while still keeping a focus on the benefits or outcome for the client.

Should it be applicable the next section can be used for pricing tables to illustrate the differences and advantages of different packages or plans that you offer. Once again a call to action should be next so the visitor can easily show their interest in your service.


Personal Trainer Success Stories Page

If you want a visitor to convert to a client they need to feel a connection with you and trust that what they are investing in is beneficial and will work. The best way to gain that trust is to show evidence in the form of existing client success stories. A selection of high quality success stories that the visitor can see visually will result in higher conversions. Text is great, but what people really want to see is visual evidence either in the form of before and after photos or a video of the actually client explaining all the benefits and results they achieve with you.

Personal Trainer Gallery Page

The gallery page is fairly self explanatory, but as with the testimonials and success stories you should focus on quality over quantity. If your photos look like they were taken on a mobile from the 1990’s then this is the impression it will give about your services which will ultimately put people off. So always focus on quality over quantity.

The gallery page sets out your images in a grid format where visitors can click on any image to view a bigger version in a lightbox where they can navigate through the images directly from the lightbox.

Personal Trainer Blog

The blog has two real benefits for personal trainers. It is firstly a way of showing and sharing your knowledge of health and fitness. Knowledge helps build trust which as should know by now is one of the key things needed to get more clients through your website.

The second benefit is that websites that are regularly updated with new and fresh content is great for SEO which will help you website rank higher in organic search results from Google.

Personal Trainer Contact Page

If people go to your contact page they are more than likely very interested and looking to reach out to you whether it be to book a session or ask a question. Either way you provide various methods (phone, email, form…etc) to allow your visitor to contact you by their preferred method. The key is making it easy!

If you train from a particular facility then it is also a great idea to add the address. You can also include Google Maps to show visually exactly where you are lovated.

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Below you will find the answer to the most commonly asked questions about the web design for personal trainers service

Is this service just for personal trainers?

Although we have specifically built the website for personal trainers it can be used for other professions without any problem.

How much is the website?

Our web design for personal trainers service is available as a one-time payment or a pay monthly option. Pricing information can be found here

Will I be able to edit the content myself?

Absolutely! The website is built on the WordPress CMS and integrated with the Elementor Pro plugin to allow you to easily add, edit and remove content when needed. 

What if I need help in the future updating my website?

We have you covered! If you need any updates in the future that you can’t do yourself then simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

Is hosting included?

In the web design for personal trainers pay monthly option hosting is included, but with the one time payment option it is not. However, we do have hosting, maintenance and support packages you can use.

Is a domain name included?

We don’t include a domain name as this is something you should purchase yourself so you have full ownership of it. If your not sure how to purchase a domain just let us know and we can help.

What about an email address?

We don’t provide email hosting, but we do recommend Google G Suite. It is a service we have used for years and highly recommend.

How many pages can I have?

WordPress allows you to have an unlimited amount of pages. As part of the web design for personal trainers package we will design and implement up to 10 pages for you. e.g. home, about, services etc…