What’s The Difference Between A Web Page And A Blog Post?

A common problem for many small business owners when creating or editing their website is knowing where to put the content, and often they end up putting what should probably be in the blog as a main page and vice versa.  Knowing where to put new content can be tricky, but if you follow this simple rule you will be good to go 99% of the time (there are always a few exceptions!)

The Rule

If you content is something you want your visitor to have easy access to AND will still be relevant in a years time then it should be a web page anything else should be a blog post

A Few Examples

  • An informal article with useful information about the industry – Blog Post
  • Key information about a service or product we are selling – Web Page
  • Information about the creation of the business and our mission – Web Page
  • Details about a local event – Blog Post
  • An update about how the growth of the business – Blog Post
  • Frequently asked questions about the services on offer – Web Page

These are just a few examples, but just remember that a web page should be used as a permanent fixture on your site that doesn’t lose it’s relevance over time, and a blog post should be used for much more informal content designed to give the visitor value, but preferably not directly sell to them.